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FREE EBOOK: The Dangerous Truth About Today's Marijuana

For THREE DAYS ONLY, Wednesday, July 28-Friday, July 30th, Amazon has launched a promotion for a FREE download of the eBook version of Laura Stack's new book, The Dangerous Truth About Today's Marijuana: Johnny Stack's Life and Death Story!

Perhaps they are trying to make up for their giant snafu on her print book, which sold out the first day! Regardless, this is a fantastic opportunity to get the book into the hands of every legislator, drug prevention specialist, teacher, counselor, parent, grandparent, law enforcement personnel, and anyone who works with youth!

You do NOT need a kindle to read the ebook; simply download FREE the Kindle app on any phone, tablet, or desktop computer (Apple or Android). Even if you ordered the print version, please download the ebook also. The more downloads it gets, the more Amazon will put it in front of the public, and the higher it will go on the rankings.

Please help us get the word out about the harms of today's marijuana by downloading the FREE eBook this week and encourage your network to do it, too.

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