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It's All About That Brain

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

The MEGA Brain inflatable substance abuse prevention program hits the shore.

It's our job to keep our community and our youth drug-free and healthy. After reviewing the latest YRBS data, our sector members and youth leaders of Berlin Prevention Works Coalition realized we need innovative ways to educate our youth on making healthier choices.

(Photo Courtesy of Medical Inflatables)

On April 12, we will partner with students, staff, and community leaders of Stephen Decatur Middle School to bring the infamous MEGA Brain inflatable exhibit to our community. During the event, Students will learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol with the larger-than-life inflatable MEGA Brain experience led by expert instructors from an engaging staff of paramedics, nurses, and nurse practitioners. The event is sure to be filled with fun, creative games, and hands-on activities.

About The MEGA Brain

The MEGA Brain measures approximately 18 feet long by 14 feet wide by 12 feet high and provides students with a highly interactive educational experience about the central nervous system's most critical organ. Students will enter the exhibit through the frontal lobe and exit through the cerebellum. Throughout the tour, students will learn about the various brain structures and normal brain function, observe examples of brain trauma and disease, and view displays explaining some of the latest neurological medical technologies such as brain imaging.

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