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P2P Meth: Newest Formulation Intensifies Epidemic

Join us for a professional development webinar building capacity on a more dangerous health crisis, the methamphetamine epidemic.

During the webinar we will have the pleasure of connecting with clinical psychologist Brian Couey, PsyD, to take a closer look at the emergence of P2P meth and the nation’s escalating methamphetamine epidemic. Learn how the newest formulation of meth poses unprecedented health risks and is associated with a rise in mental health issues and homelessness in communities across the nation.

During the webinar, speakers will:

  • Explain the origins of the newest generation of methamphetamine

  • Describe the implications of this new formulation on the health and well-being of those who use meth

  • Discuss the intersection P2P meth with the rising level of homelessness and mental health issues seen across the nation

A certificate of completion will be awarded for attending this event. Please note, this event has not been approved for continuing education (CE) credit. The participant is responsible to verify if this activity meets their continuing education board requirements in order to gain credit.

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