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WEBINAR: Marijuana is Going Legal, Now What? Strategies for Navigating Legal & Health Communications

With many states putting the legalization of marijuana on the ballot this year, we need to be prepared for how to handle it. 

We're joining Rescue I The Behavior Change Agency for a Free webinar with three of their favorite subject matter experts coming from research and strategy to talk about what they've learned from three key states that have legalized marijuana use.  

When the non-medical use of marijuana becomes legal, states must communicate clearly, proactively, and strategically to increase public knowledge of the law and health considerations of use. Since 2017, Rescue has worked with three states as they have legalized the non-medical use of marijuana. In this webinar, we will share research insights, blueprints for communications plans, and lessons learned. States anticipating the future legalization of marijuana can leverage these learnings to get ahead of these new policies and implement pressure-tested, evidence-based strategies quickly.

In this 1-hour webinar, you will:

- Gain strategic insights from 3 key states that have legalized non-medical Marijuana Use

- Get ahead of new policies by implementing pressure-tested and evidence-based communications strategies.

- Obtain strategies to overcome misconceptions, conflicting sources of truth, and public skepticism.

Attendance is FREE; however, registration is required to attend.



Sophia Lerdahl | Group Management Director, Substances Programs @Rescue

Sophia Lerdahl spearheads Rescue's approach to substance use risk education and misuse prevention. She works across research, strategy, and client partners to develop advanced segmentation models, messaging strategies, and audience-centric implementation strategies to get the most relevant messaging in front of audiences at the right time. Her work is active in Vermont, Rhode Island, Indiana, Illinois, and Washington states, as well as, others. Sophia presents regularly at national conferences and leads workshops to equip local organizations and coalitions with advanced tools and techniques to address urgent health challenges. She is a graduate of New York University and has worked to promote social change in a variety of nonprofit and for-profit settings throughout her career.

Priscilla Fernandez, PhD | Research Scientist @Rescue |

Priscilla leads research projects all stages of the process, including instrument development, moderation, data analysis, and reporting. Priscilla has led teen vaping and teen marijuana use related research at Rescue which has served to inform Rescue’s understanding of at-risk teen audiences and the implementation of teen campaigns.

Katie Weber | Account Supervisor, Substances Programs @Rescue

Katie Weber partners with clients nationwide on a variety of public health campaigns addressing health-related topics such as marijuana use, opioid misuse, prescription stimulant misuse, and binge drinking. Her work focuses on developing research-based campaigns that motivate behavior change through relevant and tailored message strategies.

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